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Dog boxes are enclosures meant to be comfortable for your dog to stay in. It has proper space for the dog and adequate ventilation and aeration inside. The dog box should also be durable and made with a lightweight material for easy carriage and longevity. It should be welcoming for the animal, and it should keep them safe and secure.

Dog boxes help in training your dog, teaching them proper utilization of space, and toilet training them. A box that is appropriately designed with enough space encourages them to make appropriate use of space and not to make the place where they sleep messy.

Today, we are going to tell you about the eight best dog boxes that you can find online in 2020. We will cover the best-selling ones in detail, and let you know all their pros and cons. A dog box is not cheap, and once you are in the market for one, you should make sure that you are getting precisely the one that you need. After you are done reading this article, we are confident that you will know exactly what dog box suits you the best.

Southern 2-Door Deep Dog Box with Divider

UWS DB-4848 48" Southern 2-Door Deep Dog Box with Divider
  • Warm weather 2-dog box containing two, 16 cubic foot compartments
  • Extended 48-inch width and 48-inch length maximizes usage of the space
  • 3-sided vented design allows excellent airflow to keep your dog comfortable
  • Durable and rustproof aluminum construction
  • Stainless steel T-handles on each dog door provide dependable security

Durability is often a problem when it comes to buying the proper dog box for your pup. UWS brings you an all-aluminum construction with stainless steel handles on each of the doors. This allows for a durable and rust-free experience, guaranteeing the longevity of the product. The box comes with two 16 cubic foot compartments and has overall dimensions of 48-inch in both length and width.

This allows for proper use of space and enables your pet to have a spacious and comfortable experience inside. It also has a 3-sided vented system that permits adequate airflow and keeps the environment airy and oxygenated for the dog. Dog boxes help toilet train your pup and make it easy for you to carry them. The dog box is like a safe haven for the dog, and it is crucial that the dog likes it.

It should be well built, lightweight, robust, and safe for the dog at the same time. Crate training can be very beneficial for the dog, and it can help your animal develop a sense of space and security, which is unmatched. The only downside of UWS DB-4848 is the lack of a floor box, which could be bought separately. Overall, this is an amazing deal, considering the value you get for what you pay here.


• 3-sided ventilation
• Durable and rust-free aluminum and stainless steel construction
• 48 x 48 inch; Spacious
• 2, 16 cubic compartments


• No floor box

Dee Zee Specialty Series Single Dog Chest

Dee Zee DZ91782 Specialty Series Single Dog Chest
  • Non-rusting 0.056 brite-tread aluminum
  • Bolt-together design assembles in minutes
  • Design eliminates sharp edges
  • Vented door for proper air circulation
  • Length: 18.75 inches x width: 29 inches x height: 20 inches; volume: 6 cubic feet

Dee Zee brings a single dog chest to the table, made entirely of aluminum. Right off the bat, aluminum is a lightweight material that makes it very easy to carry. But at the same time, it also allows for a very durable and rust-free experience. This makes it easy for you to wash the dog box as you so want. One potential risk when buying a dog box is that the box has sharp corners, which can pose a problem for your pet.

Dee Zee makes it convenient by rounding off the edges, enabling a more safe and secure experience. The box comes together relatively quickly and has proper ventilation for your dog. Room, for a single dog, is enough, and the box comes at a reasonable price. It is hard to come across a kennel for your dog, which is aerated properly, strong and durable, lightweight and rust-free for washes, and pays close attention to small but crucial safety considerations like rounding off the corners to prevent any harm to the animal. The inclusion of a door panel can undoubtedly help.

Overall, this dog kennel is a fantastic deal for what you pay, and will not make you regret your buying decision.


• Lightweight aluminum construction
• Ventilated walls
• Rust-free and durable
• Rounded corners


• The door panel is not strong

UWS Northern 2-Door Deep Dog Box with Divider

UWS DB-4848N 48" Northern 2-Door Deep Dog Box with Divider
  • Two dog compartment box with non-removable divider designed for dogs' comfort in cold climates
  • Insulated lid retains heat to keep dogs warm and helps retain the shape of the box
  • Lockable top of box 3.7 cu ft. storage compartment for gear
  • Durable and rustproof aluminum construction
  • Stainless steel T-handle provides dependable security with two lock keys

UWS comes back with a northern 2-door deep dog box with a divider. Divider means you can have two compartments for your dog, designed for comfort in cold climates. The lid of the dog box is insulated, which helps retain heat in cold environments and provides a warm experience for the dog.

The top of the box can be opened and hence has a lock to make it secure and easy to carry on the go. The material used is aluminum, which makes the whole enclosure lightweight and durable. This helps with carriage and longevity of the box, respectively. Handlebars are made of stainless steel, which makes them durable. They also come with two locks. On the northern side, cold can be a problem for your pets.

Insulation becomes a critical necessity to have when considering to buy a dog box for your dog. UWS not only provides you with insulation in the lid of the box but also makes sure you do not have to worry about rust when washing the kennel. Minor considerations provided by UWS are hard to come by in other products, especially considering the climate conditions, which makes this dog box an outright win.


• Aluminum and stainless steel construction
• The insulated lid retains heat
• Durable and rust-proof
• Lockable top


• No vents to install a fan

Owens Dog Box – Shallow Hunter Series

Owens brings a shallow hunter series. A dog box with diamond tread aluminum construction which gives it slip-resistance. The pattern also looks attractive and is corrosion resistant. Aluminum is lightweight, and hence the overall weight of the box is very manageable for everyday carriage. It is also rust-free so that it can be washed easily with no problem.

The dog box is about 48 inches in width, 36 inches in depth, and 20 inches in height, which provides enough comfortable space for your dog to rest. Ventilation is also very convenient and helps aerate the compartment easily. The overall design is awe-inspiring and looks excellent.

It is very important that your dog has enough room to stand in the dog box, and Owens kept this in mind while designing the box. What is also important is that the box stays in place, and the dog cannot move it around. This is taken care of by the diamond tread finish, which not only gives a good grip and makes it slip-free but also gives it corrosion resistance, which means chemical spills will not have a major effect on the dog box itself.

All in all, this is an amazing deal considering the unique features you get with the dog box. Vents do lack storage, but that is nowhere near a deal breaker.


• Diamond tread aluminum
• Lightweight and durable
• Good ventilation
• Slip and corrosion resistant


• Vents come without storage

Owens 55080W Dog Box

Owens (55080W Dog Box

Owens has a new, bigger version of their dog box, this time with holes for proper ventilation and a full size drawer in the bottom to store dog collars and vests easily. The dog box is once again made with aluminum, which adds durability and longevity to the product, all while keeping it lightweight and simple.

The big holes allow for a good passage of oxygen, and the dimensions of the box are spacious for dogs to live in. The aluminum is also rust-free, so no worries while washing the product. It has a silver shine that just comes with the material.

The drawer moves smoothly and eliminates the need to go all the way to the back of your truck to get supplies for the dog. A properly thought out and well planned design is import for a dog enclosure, and Owens has kept that in mind when designing the box.

Keeping convenience for the owner as their first priority, Owens has made it a point to deliver the best possible experience for you and your dog when it comes to owning a dog box. The price is also suitable for what you get, and this is an overall great product.


• All-aluminium construction
• Lightweight and durable
• Rust-free
• Extra drawer compartment for extended storage


• Corners are sharp

Owens 55048 Dog Box

Owens (55048 Dog Box
  • Standard Vents
  • Without Storage
  • Assembly Required

Owens just never stops and ceases to amaze us, coming up with another more fashionable dog box that has a red top and sides. The inclusion of red accents with bright silver makes a bold statement. The box is made with aluminum for a lightweight and durable experience.

The box is also spacious enough for the dog to live in comfortably. It has grills for proper ventilation and passage of clean oxygen. It has a textured surface on the aluminum to give it a slip-free grip. This holds the box in place. The box also comes together easily as it is modular and hence makes it easy to carry around when needed.

It weighs 28 pounds, which is less as compared to some of the other dog boxes we have taken a look at. One of the most important things to have in a dog box is comfort. It is important that the dog feels welcomed in the enclosure, and Owens delivers on comfort for your pet. The price is great, and you get a more personalized experience with this one.


• Red accents
• Aluminum construction
• Good ventilation
• Textured surface


• Instructions for assembly may not be easy

Owens 55006 Dog Box

Owens (55006 Dog Box
  • Owens
  • Automotive

Another strongly built dog box with a red accented pull lever to open the top lid is provided by Owens. The box has aluminum construction. This makes the product durable and rust-free. It makes it easy to wash when needed without having to worry about rust.

The box also has a textured finish for an anti-slip experience. This prevents the dog from moving it around. Aluminum also makes the enclosure lightweight and easy to carry on long trips. There is no storage, and that is the only con of this product. Ventilation is good, providing your dog with all the necessary aeration and oxygen needed.

It keeps the environment inside light and pleasant. It also has a layer of insulation to keep it warm and cozy inside. The design is nice, and the insides are welcoming for the dog. It also helps train your dog on how to use the space it has, smartly. The price on this one is fine for the value you get out of it. Overall it is a good product.


• Aluminum construction
• Red accented lever strap
• Anti-slip
• Rest-free


• Height of the box is not good

Owens 55017 Dog Box

Owens (55017 Dog Box

Many dog boxes do not have a uniqueness to their shape, and hence it can get boring. Owens brings a new design with slant top sides. This change in design gives it a fresh new look. It is also made of aluminum, which gives it a lightweight profile, making it easy to carry.

The material is also durable and rust-free so that it can be washed without a problem. The box has proper ventilation to aerate the insides properly with enough oxygen. There is no storage compartment, and the height may be a little low for the dog to stand.

But what’s important is that the dog kennel is comfortable and keeps your dog safe. And that is what Owens has always delivered on. Overall, it’s a good purchase if you are looking for a simple yet different design for your dog box.


• Aluminum construction
• Rust-free
• New design
• Durable and strong


• No storage compartment

The dog boxes we looked at today had some great features like the use of lightweight aluminum to keep things durable and easier to carry, proper ventilation, stainless steel handles for a good grip while moving, and textured surfaces to prevent slipping of the box. Some even offered compartments and storage options like drawers.

What all of them aimed for was to make sure the kennel was comfortable and welcoming for the dog. Many delivered on all of these things, all while keeping the price as low as they possibly can. After this, some offered different color schemes to spice things up while others had a different unique take on design.

This certainly helped with turning away from the basics. Overall, the products featured today are each great in their own right, and you cannot go wrong with either of them. Comfort for your dog is all that matters at the end of the day, and these dog boxes certainly help with alleviating that worry.

We hope after reading this guide, you now know more about dog boxes and have come to a conclusion on which one dog box you are going to buy.