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Creative Dog Boxes is the Leader in the field of building Truck Dog Boxes. We have built some of  The Toughest Truck Dog Boxes around.

It doesn’t matter what type of truck you have because here at Creative Dog Boxes we have built Truck Dog Boxes for Just about every make and model of truck that’s ever been on the road.

We have several different popular Dog Box models to choice from. We have a 1 Door Truck Dog Boxes , 2 Door Truck Dog Boxes, 3 Door Truck Dog Boxes and also a 4 Door Truck Dog Boxes.

But Don’t limit us to just what you see on our Website because we can also build Custom Dog Boxes to fit any thing you can imagine. If you are looking for one of our Standard Size Truck Dog Boxes.

Here is a list of the Dog Boxes if you see one inside this chart that you would like to have then just give us a call and we can build it for you and it will be ready for you to pick it up or We Can Also Ship The Truck Dog Boxes to where ever you are.

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#  Of Compartments Model #  Width Height  Depth  Price 
 1 Comp. Truck Dog Boxes  DT # 10c  24″  27″  36″  $599.00
 2 Comp. Truck Dog Boxes  DT # 100  46″  27″  36″  $979.00
 2 Comp. Truck Dog Boxes  DT # 238  38″  27″  36″  $979.00
 2 Comp. Truck Dog Boxes  DT # 648  46″  27″  46″  $999.00
 3 Comp. Truck Dog Boxes  DT # 700  46″  27″  36″  $999.00
 3 Comp. Truck Dog Boxes  DT # 101  60″  27″  29″  $1099.00
 4 Comp. Truck Dog Boxes  DT # 901  60″  27″  29″  $1199.00


Dont Worry if you didnt see a size in the chart above .  We can build Any and All Sizes of Aluminum Truck Dog Boxes that you can imagine .

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Just in case you missed it on our  Home Page  here is what you get when Invest in one of  our Aluminum Dog Boxes from Creative Dog Boxes.

Features :

*Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate .063  We Weld these Truck Dog Boxes all the way around  to ensure that they are Built To Last for a very long time

* Storage Compartment on The Top with a Very Secure locking handle that’s designed to keep you stuff Safe and Secure and sealed to keep your personal items dry and out of the weather

* Double Air Shocks for Easy Opening and keeps the Lid open with out props.

* Compartments are single wall Insulated with Adjustable Ventilation Vented Center Partitions also know as Cross Ventilation

* Our Truck Dog Boxes have Huge Handles on Both sides  Designed for Easier Loading and Unloading. And the also  serve as tie downs to Keep Your Dog Box held down securely.

* And Best Of All every one of our Truck Dog Boxes built by Creative Dog Boxes comes with a GUARANTEE  that way you will have Peace Of  Mind  knowing that if  you have a problem with one of our Dog Boxes just Give Us A Call and We Will Take Care Of It!

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