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Truck Dog Boxes - 3 Door Dog Boxes


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#  Of Compartments Model #  Width Height  Depth  Price 
 1 Comp. Truck Dog Boxes  DT # 10c  24″  27″  36″  $599.00
 2 Comp. Truck Dog Boxes  DT # 100  46″  27″  36″  $979.00
 2 Comp. Truck Dog Boxes  DT # 238  38″  27″  36″  $979.00
 2 Comp. Truck Dog Boxes  DT # 648  46″  27″  46″  $999.00
 3 Comp. Truck Dog Boxes  DT # 700  46″  27″  36″  $999.00
 3 Comp. Truck Dog Boxes  DT # 101  60″  27″  29″  $1099.00
 4 Comp. Truck Dog Boxes  DT # 901  60″  27″  29″  $1199.00

85% more Ventilation Then all The Rest




w    Standard Cross Ventilation to allow movement from sided to side. 

w     Standard Double wall Insulated Lid To reject those UV Rays .

w     Standard T- Handle Locking Doors with Keys .

w     Standard 6″ Storage with Locking Paddle Latch.

w     Standard Tub Handles For Loading and Strap Down Applications.

w      Standard Side Boxes For Shells And Collars

w     Option Fan Systems From Fantastic Vent Company  (Top of the Line)

        1000 Cubic Feet of air Per Minute

w     Option Antibacterial Mats That will last for years to come .

# of Compartments Price
2 Compartment ATV Dog Boxes , UTV Dog Boxes & RTV Dog Boxes  $2,899.00
3 Compartment ATV Dog Boxes , UTV Dog Boxes & RTV Dog Boxes $2,999.00
4 Compartment ATV Dog Boxes , UTV Dog Boxes & RTV Dog Boxes $3,399.00





Here at Creative Dog Boxes we are Very Proud to say we have


Customers from all over the United States that have Trusted Us to design and build their Dog Boxes for them.

Creative Dog Boxes has built Dog Boxes for some Very Famous Professional Athletes, Famous College Football Coaches, And Famous Politicians, We have also designed and built Custom Dog Boxes for Certain Branches of Our U.S Military and other Local Branches Of Law Enforcement.

We don’t say this to brag we just want you to know that we are not just any other company that Builds Aluminum Dog Boxes. We have actually been Designing and Building Aluminum Dog Boxes for 40 Plus Years and have been Trusted by many people through out the years.

And How this Benefits You is Creative Dog Boxes knows every single in and out of building the VERY BEST Aluminum Dog Boxes in the Industry !

There are other Companies out there that build Dog Boxes but the problem is they are still going through the trial and error stage of building Aluminum Dog Boxes.

However here at Creative Dog Boxes we have tested and tried every single thing that could possibly be tested so we know what works and what doesn’t work.

We know how much you care about your Hunting Dog or Dogs and how important they are to you. We build all of our Dog Boxes with your Dog’s comfort in Mind.

Each one of our Dog Boxes have Insulated Walls So that Your Dog stays Cool in the Summer and Warm in the Winter. They also include Adjustable Ventilation Vented Center Partitions also known as ” Cross Ventilation “

Our Top Storage Compartments have Air Shocks so that your Lid is not always closing or more importantly its not falling on you. Another nice feature of our Dog Boxes is that Both the Doors and The Top Storage Compartment have the Same Key that way your not having to fumble around trying to find which Key fits what door.

The Doors on our Dog Boxes feature Bars with Back Up Panels to be placed inside for the Cold Weather Months. These Doors also have built in Door Jams.

Our Dog Boxes also have Carrying Handles on each side which can also be used as Tie Downs so your box stays where it is supposed to be.

Every single Dog Box we build comes with a Guarantee that way you will have Peace Of Mind  knowing that if anything goes wrong with your Dog Box you will have someone to contact and will take care of the problem unlike other places that just order a box and ship it to you.

Ok Here is a Recap of What You Get When You Purchase

A Dog Box From Creative Dog Boxes.


List Of Benefits:

*Aluminum Diamond Plate .063  Thick  Welded All The Way Around

(Built Strong To Last For A VERY LONG TIME ! )


* Top Storage Compartment With Locking Handles and sealed to keep your personal items dry


* Double Air Shocks for easy opening and keeps the Lid open with out props.


* Doors have All Aluminum Bars with Extra Back UP Panels for The Cold Weather Months.


* Compartments are single wall Insulated with Adjustable Ventilation Vented Center Partitions also know as Cross Ventilation


* Our Dog Boxes have Carrying Handles on Both sides for Easier Loading and  Unloading. And they are also used for tied downs to Keep Your Dog Box held down securely.


* And Best Of All every single Dog Box built by Creative Dog Boxes comes with a  GUARANTEE  that way you will have peace of mind knowing that if you have a problem with one of our Dog Boxes just Give Us A Call and We Will Take Care Of It!


If you are interested in a High Quality built

Dog Box  –  Then Give Us A Call Today !



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